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These animals are heavily adapted to one of the most hostile environments on the planet. Despite this, they include some remarkably beautiful animals. Their captive care is, however, a very specialised subject and if you are interested in keeping them I urge you to read about them following the link in the menu.

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Morrocan Spiney Tailed Lizard, (<i>Uromastyx acanthinurus nigriventris</i>) Adult Female Giant S/W Saharan Uromastyx, (<i>Uromastyx dispar flavifasciata</i>). Adult Male Young Uromastyx acanthinurus nigroventris
These Morrocan Uromastyx are very variable and can be yellow, greenish yellow, red, or a combination of all.

U.geyri come from the Central Sahara region of Algeria,Mali and Niger where they hide in rocky crevices.  These lizards do not live on the large sand dunes we often imagine the Sahara to be like but in rocky, often mountainous regions. U. geyri youngsters held back for future breeding projects.  Note the summer flowers and herbage which form a beneficial part of the diet at this time of year. A high coloured female U.d.flavifasciata.
3rd generation from my future breeding line.

Uromastyx or Spinytailed Agamid cage plan.
Also suitable for any Desert species of lizard.  Size could be to suit the species in question. Captive bred Uromastyx ocellata ocellata
these youngsters look very similar to the U.ocellata ornata of which they are very closely related. Uromastyx (ocellata*) ornata.  Now tends to be listed as a complete species.  

Adult male U.ocellata ocellata Adult female U.o.ocellata Male U.ornata.  One of my breeding males selected for its red/tan colouring

Hatchling U. geyri born 2006 Uromastyx princeps.  Rare in herpetoculture.  Almost unknown in the UK.
One of 2 species with disk shaped tails.
Somalia, North East Horn of Africa. Uromastyx thomasi,The second of the disc shaped tailed Uromastyx from coastal Oman and the Island of Mashirah. Other side of the gulf to princeps. Pictures for both species kindly supplied by Sean Parlour

This male Morrocan Uromastyx nigriventris acanthinurus was the founder male to my breeding group.  It gave me the first captive bred Uromastyx young in the UK back in August 1991.

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